The Movie

The Movie

Florence in Love

Love is in the air when New York power couple LAURA and her wealthy lawyer husband ROBERT are in Florence, Italy.  Robert is there on business about to make the million dollar deal of his life.  The adventurous Laura has devised a plan to secretly bring along her younger New York boy toy lover, PETER.  The always quiet and shy CYNTHIA, Laura’s hairdresser, has found her self completely out of her element in a scheme to pose as Peter’s fiancée.  As usual, shrewd Laura has figured everything out and is about to have the most romantic rendezvous this side of the Ponte Vecchio.  In a sudden turn of events, Laura suspects her stoic husband Robert of cheating on her with the naïve Cynthia, and everything from her plan to her high heels seems to fall apart.  Laura is sent on a wild comedic chase through the beautiful cobble stoned streets of Florence and is sure she will catch the supposedly faithful Robert underneath the sheets with Cynthia.  Will Laura and her Prada bags find what she is looking for? Will Robert close the deal?  Will Peter win Laura’s love forever? Will Cynthia make it out alive?  Only time will tell in this hilarious Italian tale.  Filled with everything Italy has to offer from fine wine, delicious Italian cuisine, Piazza Michelangelo, and a passion that burns hotter than the Tuscan sun; Laura and her cohorts are in full effect.